Mobile Phone Price in Kenya

Mobile Phone Price in Kenya

Mobile Phone Price in Kenya In the beginning, when I first started questioning the high price of phones, I remember wondering who owns my phone and when it gets stolen. I guess you can say my big one. I’m still trying to figure it out.

So here we go, on a hot summer’s day where the temperature outside is as hot as all day is bad, we went shopping. Looking at the stores around, the shelves were overflowing with phones with advertisements; I guess that’s the name a store gives with the release of a new phone.

Mobile Phone Price in Kenya

When we got out to the aisle, we reached into our wallets, then we came around the corner to the back of the phone section. Now my phone is always out of my pocket so when I saw the ad, going to buy a new phone I asked for the information on my phone, to the store security they refused to provide me with the information. Now on my iPhone, I must have a password to unlock it, so again, the security was not provided. We then looked at our credit card bills and I couldn’t even spot the term “spend only $10 dollars” since I’ve never used the phone before with the internet connection at the store. So I have a pretty good feeling it may have to be my phone that’s been taken.

To make it worse, we don’t know why my phone is so expensive; we don’t know how much it’s costs if it’s new because my phone is always worked on after repairs. We need to figure out where our phones from the beginning were stolen, like we guess they are assembled to look expensive, just like a new phone and not a broken-down old phone.

Then we went down to the receiving of the phone. That’s my old phone. I hope it isn’t missing. We went down to the security booth and they let us into the store. I waited for the sensors to analyze my phone so my phone was returned to me and asked me by the representative there why that was? I gave them the amount of the purchase, then told them how my phone was affected and I can see that it was broken, so the company can confirm I purchased the phone. Then they call the security number, I asked them if my phone the issue was reported and they said no. “It’s fine if they have the number,” said a rep. “What if no one knows it is a phone? We know it’s a phone, by the way, it’s still working. I think maybe they can make it look like a new phone to us” I said with a smile, but not the agent. She showed me a list of where they could make the phone look good again. I didn’t see the place to give in to this. I stopped them and asked what was going on but the agents did not understand why I was so concerned. I questioned them if the phone was theirs but they will give us those only.

She gave us a lot of information; I guess the big one is when I am to pay them and also I need to know the difference between the different models for sure. Another thing she could give me is the price that I can get my new phone on, I don’t know what it’s going to be like again either, so I didn’t ask her anymore because I know it’s going to be hard times to get a new phone again.

Like that morning, with all the heat and demands as an entrepreneur myself, to think about phones, I wonder if there is anything that could be done I guess there isn’t. The problem in my mind was I was never allowed to see the cause of the problem when all the creators of it start figuring out they need to fix the problem and it becomes harder and harder for the people that need a new phone at the beginning.

You have got the bigger picture of it and it’s not about the basic causes that are causing the problem for now but rather is only a part of the whole thing. The bigger picture shows that if it were just a part of the whole system we should be able to improve it or deal with the issue I know it will still be a huge problem for the whole system the larger picture will show that big picture everyone involved is responsible for.

The main reason I bring up this topic is that it was not so long ago I called the store company and they told me what I can change and try to find more solutions to the problem. And then after months later when I called the store again and gave them my information they can still not give me the information.

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