Samsung Phones Prices in Kenya

Samsung Phones Prices in Kenya As one of the leading brands of smartphones for the Middle East, Samsung has been expanding its presence in Africa in the last few years. Samsung is yet to release it as a viable and current brand in Kenya, and the device has won strong support in other geographies like South Africa and Egypt, thanks to its variants, huge power, and camera quality, as well as a strong brand image. The South Korean manufacturing giant has always delivered to all markets, countries, and regions with a standard lowered price.

Samsung has offered some amazing offerings of handsets with a price tag for a sophisticated and high-end smartphone to a mainstream model. Most of them start with an above-average amount that differs from country to country, but the middle range smartphone has been reduced down to reasonable prices. However, a lot of cell phones manufacturers don’t promote deals and discounts to ensure they rise in the South Korean manufacturer’s price bracket. So it can easily make decisions to stay at the top of the market in Kenya.

Samsung Phones Prices in Kenya

Let’s take a look at some of the best choices that have emerged from the Samsung Samsung Note, Galaxy S series, Note 10,5, and Note 10+, as well as from other popular products like the A/K Galaxy Fold. With intense competition between Samsung and the other major cell phone brands, it will be crucial to look at their prices for several days.

Samsung Note:

It is readily available for just under Ksh 800 ($7). The Korean cell phone manufacturer has always touted the effectiveness of the X-series series as well as its innovative features. The Note 4 and Note 8 have been well received by the customers, as a mobile device provides reliable high-quality, and a vibrant display. The Note 10,5 has a fantastic 11MP front camera and an impressive 34MP main one to provide its images and records. The S Pen comes in handy to act as a remote control. The Note 10,5 has a sound quality that is to be mentioned, it offers high definition front-video and the support of indoor and outdoor use. The Note 10,5 seems to be targeted at Kenyans, seeing its price and features.

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It is the best smartphone on the list.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10,5:

It is the best mobile phone product worth Ksh 700 ($6) to own, especially when you’re looking for a powerful smartphone. It is launched in 2016 and it was popular in Korea and parts of Europe, and now it has spread to other African countries as well. The Note 10 series has the reputation of providing premium quality and the devices can run off direct-on micro-LED, UHD panels, 4G, and S-Pen.


Samsung Galaxy S Series:

Bought by several varieties of buyers from all over the world, the T-Series phones have a star quality that is obviously pushed by the brand image. Much of the Galaxy S Series’ success and quality around the world can be considered due to the irresistible features that it offered. But it has always struggled to sustain its flagship product in Kenya.


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The specifications and features of these devices are consistent with those of the Galaxy Note 10 series. If you are looking for a quality phone to support you, and want to know about more phones that can be obtained for less money. We hope you find the list interesting.

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