Top 5 Best 5G Mobile Phones Under KSh 15000 Budget ⚡ September 2021

Top 5 Best 5G Mobile Phones Under KSh 15000 Budget So, friends, you’re looking for a 5G phone & your budget is under KSh 15K. There are many people like you. We already conducted a poll on this question, & that’s why we’re coming up with this Post. You asked for it & we’ve made it! We asked you if you have a budget of around KSh 15K will you buy a 4G phone or a 5G phone? What do you expect?

72% of people opted for 5G, which they feel is important for them, & that’s why this is the Post! “Best 5G Smartphones Under KSh 15K!” Friends, I won’t say these are the best phones under KSh 15K but instead, I’d say they’re the best 5G phones under KSh 15K. So if 5G is your big criteria, then watch this Post carefully, you’ll know everything!

And you already know, when we bring such rankings, we do a lot of research & put efforts to bring such a Post!
Criteria – The phone should be 5G, then comes its performance, then its camera & then the other features.
So we’ve ranked them accordingly & looking at the criteria, on #5.

5. OPPO A53S

Remember it’s priced at KSh 15,990. And if you buy it during a sale, then you’ll get it at an offer under KSh 15K!
But, we’ve picked phones that are priced around KSh 15K & might have KSh 400/500 difference. And this OPPO A53S gives you 6GB RAM & 128GB storage with Dimensity 700 which is a 5G SoC. Now what’s its drawback & why is it at #5? Because its screen is HD+ but its storage, RAM & the fact that it’s 5G are its highlights. And that’s why it’s at #5 on our list!

4. Realme 8 5G

Its price has increased by KSh 500 so it’s now at KSh 15,500! Here, you get an FHD+ screen with a 90Hz fast refresh rate! But it’s got 4GB RAM & 64GB storage. It also has the same Dimensity 700 SoC (5G processor) so there’s no problem there. It has a 5000mAh battery with 18W charging. There’s a 48MP triple camera setup (48MP+2MP+2MP).
So it’s got a 48MP primary sensor. So I’d say at KSh 15-15.5K, it’s definitely at #4!

3. POCO M3 Pro 5G

It’s very similar to the Realme 8 5G, there’s not much difference. It has a 6.5” FHD+ screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, a 5000mAh battery with 18W charging & is based on a Density 700 SoC (5G processor). So everything’s similar except its price is less by KSh 1K. You get the 4GB+64GB variant in KSh 14.5K! And with it’s definitely on #3 in my list!
I should tell you another thing, the #3, #2 & #1 all 3 phones’ specifications are very similar.

We had a little difficulty in ranking them as they have a very small margin difference & if you choose any of the 3,
you won’t have any problem, they’ll all give you similar performance along with 5G connectivity! So don’t worry too much about it but we ranked them because we had to. All products mentioned in the list have their links given in the description, do check them out! By the way, the #2 phone can be at #3 & vice-veKSha because both these phones are absolutely similar, without a difference.

2. Redmi Note 10T 5G

If you like Redmi more, then you can opt for it. Or else you can choose its sub-brand, POCO. But you get a clean experience in POCO, Redmi is tried & tested if you like MIUI more & you’ve used it before. Then you can choose Redmi Note 10T 5G, it’s just KSh 500 more at KSh 14,999. And the specifications as I mentioned, are very similar & the price being KSh 14,999 & in our list, it’s at #2/#3 (you can exchange positions).

1. smartphone is also very similar! It’s also priced at KSh 14,999. And it’s a realme phone so the UI is different.

They also get notifications so those things are there, but I’d say the real UI 2.0 has a clean experience. And that’s why it’s at #1 but all other specifications are the same. It’s also based on Density 700 SoC, has 4GB RAM & 64GB storage, 6.5” screen with 90Hz refresh rate, a 5000mAh battery with 18W charging, so all things are similar! And it’s priced at KSh 14,999, the Narzo 30 5G. So as I mentioned before, if you buy any of the top 3 phones, you find a lot of difference in performance. You won’t have any issues as there aren’t any fewer or more details missing.

Top 5 Best 5G Mobile Phones Under KSh 15000 Budget

They are very similar phones & we only ranked them. You can rank them if you want & do let us know how in the COMMENTS!

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